> System

The System is the scanner's electronic architecture, network, and software.

Scantech offers two different types of systems:

  • 1. SSA1: This system is suitable for simple configurations where the scanner has a limited number of inputs and outputs. A single sensor can be supported. The internal network has a fixed configuration and operates at a speed of 1Mbits/sec.
  • 2. SSA2: This system is dedicated to more complex applications. It is built around a chain of microprocessors communicating through a deterministic high-speed bus (100Mbits/sec). This topology allows various configurations of input and output capacities and supports multiple sensors, their number being limited by mechanical or space consideration and constraints.

Both systems allow the scanner to communicate with any number of other equipment (other scanners, control systems and user interfaces).

Both systems, and especially SSA2, are extremely advanced and have no equivalent on the market. For example, the sensors are systematically equipped with their own intelligence. Scantech has been developing and offering this concept for twenty years and has become the most experienced supplier in the field.