> Scantech SSA1 Control System

Although dedicated to simple applications, the SSA1 system has no other equivalent system today. Apart of the SSA2, it is the most powerful, the fastest and the most integrated system on the market.

It is built around six core functions:

1. The CPU

Entirely developed by Scantech, it is a powerful onboard computer (400MHz), with high memory capacity and many communication options. Running under a Linux based real time kernel operating system, it is located inside the Scanner electrical cabinet on the drive side.

It performs the following tasks:

  • Manages the internal scanner bus.
  • Configurable communication with the drive controller.
  • The inputs and outputs.
  • Finalizes the measurement processing, especially when data from both heads is necessary to determine the correct physical quantity.
  • Manages the communications with the external world through a 100Mbits Ethernet network, three serial links ports, one being specially dedicated to customer communication, and one USB port for maintenance. The scanner can be connected in parallel with any number of other machines, scanners, control systems and user interfaces. This architecture has the unique advantage of providing real redundancy at the user interface level, and also eliminating any processing or computation related to the manufacturing process and measurement calculations. In other words, with the operator interface off the measurement and control system will continue to pilot the manufacturing line.
  • Communicates through standard protocols such as Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP and OPC.
  • Optionally, manages a local operator interface installed on the drive side of the scanner.

2. Internal Communication Bus

This bus has a fixed configuration and works at 1Mbits/sec. It links the master CPU to the intelligent electronic boards of the sensor heads.

3. Standard interface for all sensor kinds

The communication interface is the same for all emitting or receiving sensor heads. It includes a programmable logic device which channels (voltages, currents, temperatures ...). This allows the main operating parameter to be all digitized (Voltages, current, temperatures…) at the same rate as the measurement channels. Therefore the operating parameters can be displayed as profiles similar to the measurements. This integrated oscilloscope is a unique tool, extremely powerful and useful, for the maintenance, particularly in case of remote intervention.

4. Drive System

Scantech equips it's scanners with a brushless servo-drive with an integrated resolver. This technology combines flexibility, technical performance, and remarkable reliability.
Flexibility, since the drive controller has its own central processing unit which allows it to be easily programmed for specific functions. For example, the measurement heads can be easily programmed for a specific sequence in case of material break. Moreover, the unit constantly checks the internal drive parameters (temperature, currents, torque, etc. ...).
The high performance is ensured by Brushless servo drives designed for 24 hour/ 7 day operation for robotic applications requiring quick dynamic reaction times.

5. Input and Output (I/O)

This system includes a standard set of inputs and outputs (speed acquisition, material length, some analogic and some logic I/O).

6. Local Operator interface

Optionally, SSA1 supports a local graphical operator interface. The operator can enter commands, check the scanner status, view alarms and even view the profiles measured material. The local interface is extremely useful when scanner(s) are located away from the line control rooms.