> Scantech X-ray Thickness Gauging Systems for Steel and Aluminum

Scantech S.A.S. manufactures non-contact x-ray thickness gauges and x-ray coating weight gauges for on-line measurement of ferrous and non-ferrous flat rolled metals. Scantech’s x-ray thickness measurement systems are used on cold mills, hot mills, process lines and galvanizing lines.
Scantech’s service, support, and spare parts are available from multiple service centers located in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Scantech X-ray Thickness Gauging Systems for Steel and Aluminum:

Scantech X-ray Thickness Gauging Systems have been specifically designed and developed for the flat-rolled metals industry. Scantech uses the latest x-ray sensor and detector technology, housed in a configurable C-frame. This sensor package offers maximum measurement accuracy and performance at an affordable price. Scantech provides you with a measurement system that can accommodate your specific requirements.

In addition, Scantech’s complete package of diagnostic / preventive maintenance tools, with real-time data correlation, maximizes the ability to monitor all internal systems and sub-systems during actual gauge use.

The C-frame has been designed for remote connection. This capability enhances the complete maintenance package.

Typical measuring range per source model:

For Steel Applications:
80kV x-ray0.05 mm to 6.50 mm
135kV x-ray0.10 mm to 13.00 mm
175kV x-ray0.30 mm to 25.00 mm
275kV x-ray 1.00 mm to 60.00 mm

For Aluminum Applications:
30kV x-ray0.04 mm to 12.00 mm of pure aluminum
50kV x-ray0.20 mm to 40.00 mm of pure aluminum

Once the robust C-frame is installed on the mill, interconnection cable/hose requirements as well as utility requirements are few. A closed loop chiller and all interconnection cables are supplied by Scantech as a standard part of the x-ray thickness gauging system.

Customer-supplied compressed air is filtered and dried internal to the Scantech system for the air wipe on the source window and the standard magazine shutter.

Embedded Main Electronic Cabinet located in the C-Frame upright:

  • Scantech drive controller with internal monitoring of temperature, pressure and humidity
  • X-ray driver board and other PC boards, networked with IDI (Intelligent Device Interface) to substantially reduce cable requirements
  • Internal water cooling system
  • AC/DC Power supplies

The x-ray driver is located in a sealed enclosure located in the C-Frame upright. Temperature, humidity and other electronic/environmental conditions are controlled and monitored automatically. An alarm is generated should any of these factors stray outside of set tolerances.

    Additional advantages of this configuration:
  • No x-ray driver interconnection cables running from the C-frame to the electrical interface cabinet
  • Elimination of impedance and inductance problems cause by long cable distance between the x-ray source and the high voltage driver

Electrical Interface Cabinet, located near the C-frame:

  • I/O Board, with configurable inputs and outputs
  • Master CPU microprocessor with serial and Ethernet ports
  • Communication Link
  • Laptop connection for maintenance use
  • Three safety lamps (can be located at Cabinet or C-frame)
  • Cabinet air conditioning (if required)
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

  • Mounted on the front door of the cabinet:
  • Emergency stop button
  • Key Lock
  • Pushbutton «On line »
  • Pushbutton «Off line/Park»
  • Local / Remote switch
  • Maintenance / Remote switch